[opendtv] Trying to match the Romulan cloaking device

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My understanding is that a treaty forbids the Federation of Planets from
using this cloaking technology on our starships.

In any case, to match the Romulans, Duke U needs to make this work not
just at one microwave frequency, but over a range of frequencies that
encompass at least from the microwave through the visible spectrum.


Duke takes wraps off cloaking device

R. Colin Johnson
(10/19/2006 1:48 PM EDT)
URL: http://www.eetimes.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=193400671

PORTLAND, Ore. - Duke University took the wraps off invisibility cloaks
Thursday (Oct. 19), announcing that researchers managed to cloak a
five-inch-square area from microwave detection.

The cloaking technique worked by using a metamaterial as a shield to
redirect microwaves around the cloak. Duke researchers said they hope to
create invisibility cloaks for other types of electromagnetic radiation,
causing even visible light to flow around shielded regions.

"The movement of the [microwaves] is similar to river water flowing
around a smooth rock," said David Schurig, a Duke postdoctoral fellow.
The "warped 'threads' could not interact with, or 'see,' objects placed
inside the resulting hole," he said.

Duke engineers demonstrated that both electrical and magnetic properties
of an inhomogeneous composite material could create a variable
index-of-refraction material that conceals by preventing electromagnetic
energy from entering an area. Light hitting the cloak "flows" around the
hidden object and continues on, undistorted, to the other side. The
cloak thus neither reflects nor casts a shadow.

The demonstration cloak used an array of copper rings and wires
patterned onto fiberglass composite pc-boards. The concentric
two-dimensional rings redirected beams of microwave radiation around the
region behind the cloak using variations in the shape of the copper
elements, the university said.

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