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  • Date: Thu, 23 Mar 2006 14:47:51 -0500

Funny you use the word "decent". Perhaps we should defer to the FCC for 
a proper ruling as to what is defined as "decent" in todays world of 
Broadcasting? Get everyone to agree on what "decency" is, and the world 
might be a much different place :^)


John Willkie wrote:

>I did say network, right :-)  On that note, I was very sad to hear last Friday 
>about the demise of Sinclair's News Central due to (I was told by a 
>non-Sinclair fellow) current economic realities.  
>Your equation begs the question, since the FCC tabled consideration of COFDM 
>until the DTV transition is further along (to be truthful, they might have 
>meant 'never.')
>I see that liberal 'babe' Joan Claybrook's Public Citizen has filed a lawsuit 
>on the recent budget "compromise" that appears to be unconstitutional and 
>which also sets the analog sunset date in 2009.  If successful, this suit will 
>undo what congress did.
>That might create a political peg upon which to hang consideration of COFDM; 
>certainly the transition will be futher along in three years.  What's the 
>proper "decent interval" to wait

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