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 The Zenith DTT900 (and its twin the Insignia model 'I don't have it in front 
of me') is the only STB that will allow someone to manually put in a specific 
frequency without scanning. This can be done even if the input is not 
connected. It remembers. I have tested, to date, nearly 20 different STB's. If 
someone has experience with another STB with this feature, please post the 
brand, as this is one of the most useful feature I have found.

I have eight more SB's still in their box that I will test during the week.




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Albert Manfredi wrote:

> I called WJLA (ABC7), and she said, "Oh, you have to wait and scan again."
> "Oh? Your mean you guys didn't come on instantly in digital, as Ch 9 did?"
> "No, she said, we did come back instantly, but people report having to scan 
maybe 10 times before they pick up Ch 7."
> Well, obviously that makes no sense, but it seems clear that the Ch 7 signal 
is not good, if what she said was true.
I have experienced  this with tuners that don't allow me to explicitly
add channels.  It  can take a few tries  but once the channel is found
it will remember it and (sometimes) receive it.  This can be a big
problem if a station  depends much on antenna direction and you have
multiple directions to try to add to the list.

My Vizio at least allows me to rescan only a limited range of channels
to get around this.

- Tom
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