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  • Date: Sun, 18 Dec 2005 01:56:28 -0800 (PST)

Perhaps you're looking for the "8VSB/COFDM Comparison Report" link in the ATSC 
Bibliography list: http://www.atsc.org/news_information/papers.html
On pg 4, it discusses the receiver solicitation/selection process...
John Shutt <shuttj@xxxxxxxxx> wrote: John,

I can no longer find a working link to the original report, but my saved 
copy's executive summary said this:

"VSB and COFDM equipment was solicited from manufacturers for use in this 
program. Because there is no COFDM system currently employed in the U.S., 
equipment currently in use abroad had to be configured for the U.S. 6 MHz 
channel spacing. The parameters of the COFDM system were chosen to yield the 
same approximate net data rate as the VSB system (19.76 Mb/s for COFDM 
compared to the 8VSB net data rate of 19.39 Mb/s). The COFDM equipment 
complied with the DVB-T standard while VSB equipment complied with the ATSC 
DTV Standard. Laboratory evaluation of several candidate modulators and 
receivers was initially performed to select the best equipment available and 
confirm the expected performance of the units to be used in the field. "

The lab was CRC.


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From: "John Golitsis" 

> What can you provide that shows that the CRC was the group that
> selected which receiver(s) would be used for the field tests? 

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