[opendtv] Re: Toward digital TV

  • From: Mark Schubin <tvmark@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 17:32:49 -0500

Manfredi, Albert E wrote:

>Well, interesting a hypothesis as that might be, it doesn't
>explain why LG doesn't sell its best working solution to
>other OEMs,
They have.  Bob Miller brought two of them to test at my apartment.  
Four companies' circuit cards were promoted by LG at CES last year.  But 
it appears that the OEM's don't want to spend on the type of front end 
that might make them work.

> or why other companies (Micronas, ST, Samsung,
>etc.) aren't blasting the message that they have good up
>to date boxes for sale at a zillion stores across the US.
Do they?  Samsung tested their latest box at my apartment.  It would not 
work with a set-top antenna as LG's did.

>Okay, so from the broadcasters perspective, they had reason
>to be leary back before, say, 2003/2004. What has their
>excuse been since then?
All of the pre-2005 boxes and sets out there.  And viewers like me.


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