[opendtv] Re: Toward digital TV

  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2005 20:59:52 -0500

Manfredi, Albert E wrote:

>Bob Miller wrote:
>>>Concur 100 percent. Offering more than analog OTA had been
>>>offering seems important also in France and Germany.
>>And it would have been offered ala USDTV ventures in 2001
>>if COFDM had been allowed. And it will be offered when and
>>if there is a solid receiver.
>From your repeated mention of USDTV and mobile service, I
>conclude that you're assuming, like Craig, that you need a
>drastic change to save OTA. Like portable service, including
>service to cell phones? To me, that doesn't save OTA TV. It
>destroys it, and replaces it with a much more special-purpose
>video service.
It didn't destroy NTSC. You could receive NTSC mobile though it was 
problematic just as stationary NTSC was problematic.

And I don't buy that mobile reception is a drastic "change". Nor do I 
limit mobile reception to cell phones. Cell phones will be first but 
that is an anomaly having to do with the fact that their are so many of 
them. And we are really not talking about TV anymore anyway. It is all 
things digital. Our plans for instance way back in 1999 was for mobile 
digital which included data, radio and TV. Still does.

As far as "special purpose" that is what TV is. General purpose would 
include data, TV and radio and be available to many formats. Special 
purpose would be even more specifically HDTV.

>Instead, the lesson of Freeview in other countries is that
>many people are interested in real DTT *if* the service is
>free. Perhaps this additional service you talk about, like
>Vcast or whatever, can also succeed, I don't know. Video
>clips for those with attention deficit disorder is hardly
>something I'd look forward to.
>Oh, and by the way, it'll be fun to make ATSC work for
>mobile environments.
>>We assume they will cost too much and they definitely don't
>>exist. So that is why nothing is happening. So call LG and
>>ask them why.
>First, I don't believe that assumption (they cost too much)
>to be correct. Secondly, LG would just as happily give me a
>song and dance as they have been giving you.
I don't think they gave me a song and dance. I think they told me the 
truth. And that is that they don't think that they can make money in the 
US with stand alone 8-VSB receivers.

>Let's just assume for an instant that they really do get
>some sort of continuing revenue for every DBS box they sell.
>Do you really think they would explain to a perfect stranger
>that this is the reason they want to coerce people into DBS
>rather than ATSC?
I don't think that LG, if that is who you are talking about, gets any 
residual from DBS. Retailers do but even then I think that retailers 
just look at the bottom line to see what is easiest to sell and what in 
the end makes them the most money including any commissions. If OTA 
receivers were easy to sell and had few residual problems and the word 
of mouth among their customers was very good they would sell the hell 
out of them.

>But I'm hopeful. There are enough companies working on this,
>and the 2009 date has been set (we hope) for analog
>switchoff, that someone will come through.
I keep hoping that someone will come through and support a switch to 
COFDM and MPEG4 which is still the right thing to do.

Bob Miller


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