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  • Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 11:05:57 -0500

Tom Barry wrote:

> Well, I'm finally back online tonight after multiple attempts to
> get Cox cable broadband here in Gainesville. And I'm probably
> going to cancel the cable TV part of my Cox subscription. At
> least with my digital PCTV cards I get fewer digital channels
> from Cox than I do OTA.

Interesting. That's probably because you need to subscribe to the
digital tier. Or use OTA, of course. I don't see any obvious "basic
digital tier" in the Cox web site.

> I guess Gainesville is just not HDTV oriented yet. In many
> places, including my 3 prior residences there are 5 major
> commercial networks plus PBS broadcasting prime time HDTV OTA.
> In Gainesville I can get only CBS, ABC, and PBS in HD. Fox is
> SDTV for some reason, NBC is MIA in any form, and the CW channel
> is carried in SD as a sub-channel on ABC.

According to Antennaweb, the only NBC to hope for OTA is analog from
Daytona Beach. Jax is geographically closer, but maybe the problem is
fade along the St Johns river, as Craig said, so Antennaweb does not
even mention it. Although the river's path is not close to Gainesville
at all.

How interesting that the CW network is a subchannel of ABC. It gives DTT
users an advantage over OTA NTSC users. How about that. But you won't
get HD from the CW network, I'll bet.

Looks like you don't get any MNT either. Never mind PAX and others.

> On the good side I find I have a dead E* dish mounted on a
> firmly set pole outside the house. Hopefully when I replace the
> top of this with my rotor antenna I can maybe can pick up some
> Jax stations.

Let us know how that goes. At least, an outdoor antenna should give you
more signal margin, to avoid those annoying dropouts.

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