[opendtv] Tivo for your iPod

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Tivo for your iPod

A new technology allows listeners to subscribe to homemade radio 
shows and listen to them on their digital music players


By Brian Braiker
Updated: 6:24 p.m. ET Dec. 2, 2004

See that fellow with the telltale white iPod wires dangling from his 
ears? It would be reasonable to assume that he's rocking out to his 
favorite tunes on his MP3 player. Reasonable, but quite possibly 
wrong. He might be enjoying a recent podcast.

Just when the mainstream media had finally managed to figure out what 
blogging was all about, Adam Curry had to go ahead and invent 
podcasting. A podcast is a radio show that listeners subscribe to 
online. Every time a new program is posted, it automatically feeds 
into the subscriber's computer. From there, the listener zaps it onto 
a digital music player and hits the road: Think of it as TiVo for 
your MP3 player. "There's a lot of great radio out there that I would 
love to listen to when I am ready for it," says Curry (yes, that Adam 
Curry-MTV's old-school golden-feathered late-'80s veejay). "Anyone 
can come and party on my MP3 player."



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