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Maybe this will help solve the dependence on cable for internet.

My internet connection is through Verizon Wireless with a USB modem.
This small device plugs into a USB port on the PC and gets me ~~100K download
and about ~~50K upload.

Don't know how much cable internet costs your parents, but you get 5MB of download
for ~$50 a month.

I live past the "18,000 ft from the C.O." limit for ADSL so this is my choice of all the other options. Usually this sort of service is for laptops but I like it for my desktop.


On 12/11/2012 3:34 AM, TLM wrote:
(After a few private queries coming my way). Here is the sequence of
events as best as I can reconstruct it –

·Way back when, before there was dirt, LA’s Analog Channel 28=PBS=KCET.

·Someone along the way my parents got a computer but became increasingly
frustrated with dialup speed.

·Then came DTV, they bought a new TV, but still LA’s Digital (ATSC)
Channel 28=PBS=KCET.

·My brother and I had cable run into their house for higher speed
EMail/Internet connectivity, and some whizzy new TV channels came along
with it that they wanted to try.

·But with that also came the cable box and another remote which my
parents hated.

·Years went by with no real interest in the added channels at the end of
the day as long as they could get Andy Rooney, News, Sports, and Channel
28=PBS=KCET and Internet.

·Except it wasn’t Channel 28 anymore; with the cable box it became
Channel 3=PBS=KCET which confused the heck out of them but they got used
to it.

·But then the cable company started jacking up the rates to the point
where their monthly bill was well over $100 for Internet and TV channels
that they had no interest in.

·So, with cable company reassurance, which I independently double
checked, they dropped to Basic Cable TV and still got Channel 3=PBS=KCET
and Internet.

·Remember that Basic Cable meant the cable box disappeared as well,
along with its remote and monthly fee. Happy geriatrics with enough
money left over to cover the increases in Medicare.

·Then KCET=PBS disappeared from their F connector altogether.

·Upset geriatrics – nasty phone calls from my Mum (to both me and the
cable company, who reassured them that they still were getting PBS=KCET).

·I did a channel scan and found that sure enough, **both** KCET **and**
PBS had disappeared from the Basic Cable offerings.

·Cable company reassures me that they can get PBS and KCET back again
with a truck roll, a new cable box, unwanted remote, and an extra $10 a

·Next appointment would be a week out and my parents have to be there
between the hours of 8 AM and 5 PM when that day arrives. Very upset Mum.

·Now all is well at their house with two coat hangers and a 300 ohm
balun pushed onto their DTV’s F Connector. Internet is still expensive
but at this point essential.

If two of you want to go over there in freshly pressed short sleeved
white shirts with black ties, black pants & socks and shiny black shoes
and an OpenDTV Pamphlet and tell them about Apple TV, Hulu and
Oligopolies my Dad will whack you with his cane and my Mum will gag you
with a teaspoon of cod liver oil.

All they really want is being able to do online banking, shopping and
<-> EMail with friends and family, Huell Howser (LA KCET DTV Channel
28), News, an occasional Super Bowl, Macy’s Day parade and to have Andy
Rooney back.


Tom McMahon
Del Rey
WWW.LinkedIn.Com/in/McMahonTV <http://www.linkedin.com/in/McMahonTV>

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