[opendtv] TiVo-Amazon partnership allows product purchase through TV

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The potential for impulse buying is enormous. I trust these TiVo boxes
will have all the requisite parental controls?



TiVo-Amazon partnership allows product purchase through TV

TiVo has announced an agreement with Amazon to provide consumers with
the ability to find and purchase products from Amazon.com on their TV

The new Product Purchase feature will also allow television advertisers
to market products sold through Amazon.com on any broadcast or cable
network, any TV show, or via any of TiVo's interactive advertising

"Product Purchase adds a whole new dimension to the TV viewing
experience," said Evan Young, Director of Broadband Services for TiVo
Inc. "By teaming with Amazon.com, TiVo enables viewers to purchase
products related to their favourite TV shows or that they've seen in TV
ads without leaving their couch. For example, if a guest on the Daily
Show or Oprah has a new book, CD, or DVD out, you can purchase it on
Amazon.com using your TiVo remote without missing a second of TV,
whether the viewer is watching live or recorded."

In addition, television advertisers will be able to merchandise specific
products through TiVo advertising features such as Interactive Tags,
Gold Star Sponsorships, and Programme Placement.

Scott Merlino, senior manager of business development at Amazon.com,
said, "Teaming up with TiVo enables TV advertisers to break free of
traditional shopping channel limitations and reach a specific, targeted
audience regardless of which network or show they are watching. Now, a
record label can merchandise and sell a new artist's CD on a show where
the music is featured, or a publisher can merchandise an author's book
during a talk show when the author appears as a guest -the marketing
possibilities are endless. Teaming up with TiVo is a great way to engage
consumers during a TV programme with a direct connection to the product
being sold."

TiVo is currently launching the new service to consumers by
merchandising products related to several high profile shows, including
The Oprah Winfrey Show, The Ellen DeGeneres Show, and The Colbert

DTG Staff 23.07.2008
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