[opendtv] Re: The ultimate last mile solution is a gas

  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 14 May 2005 13:15:23 -0400

The key is not where or even how many but the availability at this price 
anywhere in Japan. That speaks volumes about competition. If you can buy 
broadband anywhere in Japan at $25 for 26 Mbps then the rest is just 
semantics. Yes it will take a while and cost more for broadband in some 
remote areas but competition has already driven broadband to very 
affordable levels and this bodes well for the entire country.

Especially in a country where a cantaloupe could cost $50. And Tokyo 
doesn't guarantee low prices. I remember a small crab salad and a Coke 
cost me $10 on the Ginza in 1970 when the Yen was 360 to the dollar. 
Can't even imagine what that could cost now. My inflation tool says that 
$10 in 1970 is $50.28 now but that doesn't take into account the rise in 
the Yen to 107 to the dollar. Which suggest my crab salad and Coke would 
cost $150 today. Simply can't be true right?

Bob Miller

Doug McDonald wrote:

>Bob Miller wrote:
>>One item I thought was interesting, in Japan they pay $25 a month for 26 
>>Mbps while in the US it is more like $35 per month for 1.5 Mbps. 
>Ah ... do you mean "Japan" or do you mean "Tokyo"? How universal is
>this in Japan? You seem the equate "USA" to "Manhattan, NY".
>Doug McDonald

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