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I disagree that the >50 demographic spends less than the 18-49.  I think 
they actually spend more. 

And more on technology.  I can't back this up by statistics but as far as 
the people I know, it is the retired that have the huge flat panel HD TVs 
and HD satellite or cable.  It is retired people that have the bigger Zune 
or iTunes and other electronic gadgets.  They may be on a fixed income, 
but they can really spend the money on technology!  They have all this 
spare time to play with electronic toys and know more than I do about 

In my experience, the 18-49 demographic is spending more money on raising 
kids and outdoor toys (quads, jet-skis, boats, etc.)

But then, Las Vegas isn't the average city either.  So my experience is 
probably out of the norm compared to the rest of the country.


Craig Birkmaier <craig@xxxxxxxxx> 
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[opendtv] Re: The graying of the TV Networks...

At 11:49 AM -0400 7/1/08, Manfredi, Albert E wrote:
>  > Problem is that the >50 years old demographics don't spend
>>  their money like the 18-49's, and are thus far less valuable
>>  to advertisers.
>I wonder how this will change, as life expectancy keeps going up.

It could get worse as seniors worry whether their retirement nest egg 
will last as long as they do.

And then there is the pending melt down of Social Security when the 
IOU's start coming due...

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