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I wonder how the average (and median) age of the US populace has changed
and if there is a correlation.

I also wonder how it compares to non-broadcast networks/media providers.  I
would think that some cable channels are likely to have a much older
audience while others almost entirely young.  I wonder what the median age
is if all viewers of all media outlets were considered.

I would think these statistics would be necessary to put Magna Global study
into context.


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Me thinks that the "digital cliff is not as serious a problem as the
prospect that the audience for the TV networks is literally "dying."


TV viewers' average age hits 50

Study: Median age outside the 18-49 demo


ABC's 'Women's Murder Club' and NBC's 'Monk' were the oldest-skewing
shows for their respective nets.

The broadcast networks have grown older than ever -- if they were a
person, they wouldn't even be a part of TV's target demo anymore.

According to a study released by Magna Global's Steve Sternberg, the
five broadcast nets' average live median age (in other words, not
including delayed DVR viewing) was 50 last season. That's the oldest
ever since Sternberg started analyzing median age more than a decade
ago -- and the first time the nets' median age was outside of the
vaunted 18-49 demo.

Fueling the graying of the networks: the rapid aging of ABC, NBC and
Fox. The three nets continue to grow older, while CBS -- the
oldest-skewing network -- has remained fairly steady.
"The median ages of the broadcast networks keep rising, as
traditional television is no longer necessarily the first screen for
the younger set," Sternberg wrote.

For the just-completed 2007-08 TV season, CBS was oldest in live
viewing with a median age of 54. ABC clocked in at 50, followed by
NBC (49), Fox (44), CW (34) and Univision (34).

When live-plus-7 DVR viewing is factored in, the nets (except CW and
Univision) drop by a year -- which still reps the oldest median age
ever for the nets.

Sternberg notes that Fox and CW maintain median ages that are closer
to the actual age of the population. The median age for U.S.
households is 38.

Among ad-supported cable nets, the news nets (along with
older-skewing Hallmark Channel, Golf Channel and GSN's daytime sked)
sport the most gray, with Fox News Channel's daytime and primetime
skeds the absolute oldest, clocking in with a median age above 65.
Youngest nets are the daytime skeds for Noggin and Nickelodeon, with
a median age under 10.

At ABC, youngest series was "Supernanny" (with a median age of 41),
while oldest was "Women's Murder Club" (57). At CBS, youngest was
"How I Met Your Mother," "Kid Nation" and the Tuesday edition of "Big
Brother," tied at 45; oldest was "60 Minutes" (60). NBC's youngest
show was "Scrubs" (34), and oldest was "Monk" (58).

At Fox, the youngest shows were "American Dad" and "Family Guy" (29),
while the oldest was "Canterbury's Law" (55). At CW, "One Tree Hill"
was youngest (26), while "Life Is Wild" was oldest (45).

Among latenight gabbers, "Tonight Show With Jay Leno" is oldest, with
a median age of 54, followed by "Late Show With David Letterman" at
53. Interestingly, "Nightline" -- which should conceivably be older
than those talkers, is younger, at 52. ABC's "Jimmy Kimmel Live,"
meanwhile, passed the 18-49 threshold for the first time, clocking in
with a median of 50. "Late Night With Conan O'Brien" is getting
closer at 46.

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