[opendtv] The Smart TV Viewer's Bill Of Rights

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The Smart TV Viewer's Bill Of Rights

by Jim Monroe
Nov 6, 2012

Silicon Valley innovation has given television executives plenty to 
worry about. In my years with NBC-at the network as well as in the 
station group-we worried about cable splintering our audience. We 
worried about DVRs skipping our commercials and high definition 
revealing our wrinkles.

We never worried whether people knew how to work their TV sets.

However in the new world of connected TV, finding and watching 
Internet-delivered shows is a challenge, even for tech-savvy viewers. 
So in addition to fretting about all the things we can't control, we 
now need to worry about one thing we can: complicated smart TVs.

Here's the problem: When you plug in connected TVs, you get a really 
big version of the iPad, complete with App Store and apps-some free, 
some paid. This seems to make sense. After all, apps enable our 
tablets and phones to do amazing things, so why not use that same 
concept to expand the capabilities of our big flat-panel TVs?

Here's why not: By enabling our living room TVs to do more, we are 
making it harder for them to do what we bought them for in the first 
place-bring us great TV.

There are three significant (and frankly, obvious) differences 
between tablets and TVs that suggest we need to rethink the current 
approach to connected TVs.



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