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Live audio streams seem to be up, as there have been no black-, or

par example

Radio 4's Today, The World at One, PM and The World Tonight cancelled
BBC One's major news shows likely to be shortened
Chelsea Flower Show coverage goes ahead but one show becomes last year's
BBC News 24, BBC World and Five Live cut down on live programming
BBC News Interactive updated with reduced staffing
The World Service, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland plus local stations
also hit

BBC shows hit by one-day strike

Some BBC staff are picketing outside buildings across the UK
Many BBC news and live programmes are being disrupted by a one-day strike by
staff protesting at job cuts.
Almost 40% of the employees due in on Monday joined the walkout, the
corporation said. Unions estimate up to 11,000 people are on strike.

The action is over plans to cut 3,780 jobs and privatise parts of the BBC.

Unions say the cuts are the most damaging in the BBC's history but the
corporation says they are needed so the BBC can invest more in programmes.

BBC director general Mark Thompson said the cuts and disruption were a
"price worth paying to secure a strong BBC in the long term".

"Most of our networks and most of our services will not be disrupted - but
there will be some disruption and I regret that," he said.

"I believe what matters most of all is we have a strong independent BBC in
the future."

Three unions - Bectu, the National Union of Journalists (NUJ) and Amicus -
are involved in the strike, organising pickets outside BBC buildings across
the UK.

Bectu's Luke Crawley said Mr Thompson's plans would damage the BBC in the
long term and the strike had "solid support".

"The impact this will have had on BBC output must tell Mark Thompson that he
has to negotiate," he said.

"Mark Thompson's catastrophic cuts will have an impact for the long term
which will prevent the BBC from making the high quality programmes which
justify the licence fee."

News and live output has been hardest hit, but the BBC is filling time with
pre-recorded shows and says there have been no "blank screens and dead air"
as unions threatened.

BBC One's main news programme at 1300 was simulcast on News 24 without its
usual team of presenters or local news.

Flagship bulletins at 1800 and 2200 BST on BBC One are expected to be
similarly affected.

BBC Radio 4 has cancelled news shows Today, The World at One, PM and The
World Tonight but will carry short bulletins.

Almost all the programmes on news and discussion radio station Five Live
were replaced with repeats.

On the World Service, the English language service has no live programming
but there are five-minute news bulletins every 30 minutes.

BBC News Interactive is being updated regularly but with reduced staffing.

Big names who did turn up for work included Radio 1 breakfast show presenter
Chris Moyles and Radio 2's Terry Wogan.

Of all employees due to work, about 62% turned up, the BBC said. Unions said
they expected about 11,000 of the BBC's 27,000 staff to take part in the

A BBC statement said: "The service we have been able to offer on live
programmes, and the number of staff reporting for duty, is slightly better
than expected."

The NUJ and Bectu said 2,000 new members had joined since the job cuts were
announced in March.

About 8,600 staff members were in the three participating unions at the time
of the strike ballot.

A further 48-hour strike will take place after the Bank Holiday weekend, on
31 May and 1 June.

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Check your local NPR station and other outlets where the BBC is normally =
They are out on strike and there's NO BBC at least in Philly today...

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