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Hi all:

Just because the Road Show is over and we're back home doesn't mean we've been asleep at the wheel. Just wanted to let you know that our latest edition of Tech-Notes is finally out. You can access it by either selecting the "Current Edition" button at www.Tech-Notes.TV <http://www.Tech-Notes.TV> or by clicking here <http://www.tech-notes.tv/Archive/tech_notes_135.pdf>.. It's a large 1.37 MB PDF file and we hope you enjoy it.

A note about this edition: We're using a new PDF generator and we don't quite have all the bugs worked out of it yet. There is no page 64. It skips from 63 to 65. You're not missing anything. Also the "Return to Index" navigation guides don't work. We'll try to have this all corrected by our next edition.

Just a note: We're in the process of putting together next year's Road Show. We'll have new and different technology with us as it doesn't make much sense to bring the same old stuff. If there is a particular cutting edge technology you'd like to have me bring with me. You can see the progress we'll making on our website: WWW.Tech-Notes.TV <http://WWW.Tech-Notes.TV>.

In conclusion, you may find our next edition of the Tech-Notes interesting too. We're working on a special edition that will be a chronological report (with pictures) of the broadcast industry's involvement and coverage of the Tournament of Roses events (parade & football) in Pasadena, CA. It is interesting to note that the Southern California Amateur Television community has played a significant roll in those events as well and will tell you about that as well. If you have any information, pictures, stories or whatever that would help us in this undertaking, please contact me as soon as possible. Deadline for submission for that edition is December 1^st as we'd like to get it out before the holidays hit us hard.


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