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Monty Solomon posted:

Study: DVRs Are Hot, TiVo Is Not
By Swanni

Washington, D.C. (December 3, 2012) -- About a decade ago, few TV 
industry analysts would have foreseen a future in which the Digital 
Video Recorder would become a commonplace item in U.S. homes but TiVo 
would be a rarity.

But that's exactly what's happened, according to a new study from 
Leichtman Research. The company says 52 percent of all pay TV 
households (which represent about 85-90 percent of homes) have DVRs. 
But only about two percent have TiVos.

The numbers offer a simplistic view of the extraordinary rise of the 
DVR and the extraordinary fall of TiVo.

Roughly ten years ago, TiVo was considered synonymous with the word 
'DVR' itself. If someone hip talked about recording a show, they said 
they would 'TiVo' it. TiVo, which launched in 1997, one of two of the 
original DVR companies (ReplayTV was the other), seemed ready to take 
over the home video recording business.



Well, that was predictable. Too bad it happened for all the wrong reasons.

Bad enough that people should so quickly cave in to silly monthly subscription 
schemes when there's absolutely no reason for it (the TiVo hype). But here you 
have one inane attempt being trumped by even more obnoxious competition: the 
completely walled garden that forces people to shell out monthly fees for an 
electronic device you can buy off the shelf for very low prices. And if you 
read the reviews of these MVPD PVRs, there ain't much to rave about.


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