[opendtv] Specs for coupon program-compliant STBs

  • From: Frank Eory <frank.eory@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 15 Mar 2007 11:18:58 -0700

Sounds similar to the idea of a food manufacturer developing a new line of "haute cuisine" targeted at consumers who pay with food stamps.
On second thought, SD-only video and stereo-only audio with no recorder isn't exactly the DTV version of "haute cuisine," now is it?

Good luck with that business model. I look forward to seeing how this pans out in the marketplace. Can you say "government cheese?"

-- Frank

Bert wrote:

I take it back. The specs for the STBs are available. In short, this is
more or less an SDTV STB, A/74 compliant, with outputs NTSC, composite
video, and up to S-video, and stereo audio, no recording capability, and
no HDTV outputs.


Channels 2-69, -5 to -83 dBm dynamic range, PSIP processing, NTSC output
on Ch3 or Ch4, composite output, stereo audio outputs, remote control,
closed captioning, and generally follows A/74 for the front end, with
some exceptions like max input signal level.

In general, it looks like they used the LG 5th gen as a gold standard
for echo tolerance and noise burst tolerance.

Echo tolerance -50 to +50 usec, but reduced to -20 to +20 usec for loud
echoes (greater than -6 dB compared with dominant signal).

Must successfully receive 30 of the 50 Washington and NYC field
ensembles in A/74.

Must not glitch in presence of 165 usec loud bursts (-5 dBm) when signal
is moderate (-28 dBm).

Idle power draw 2W. Automatically goes from "on" to "sleep" state in x
hours, default setting 4 hours. No requirement for "on" power specified.

No recording capability allowed. Smart antenna input okay. Signal
quality level indocator okay. NTSC antenna signal pass-through okay.
Smart antenna bundled with STB not allowed. S-video output okay, but no
HDTV outputs or digital video outputs allowed.

Software updates via A/97 allowed.

Not a bad deal. Seems like a decent SDTV STB that should work as well as
the better integrated receivers today. I would expect that the SD-only
feature would keep most would-be cheaters away.

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