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See you there, John. Tony.


...Lurker who will be moderating the Thursday morning breakfast panel.


Anthony R Gargano

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The last few days, I had a hard drive issue that required decryption to fix.
That alone took two days.  Now, everything is fixed.  As a result, while
moving the bulk of my applications to a different hard drive (smaller,
easier to encrypt and decrypt) I had plenty of free time.


So today, with access to Microsoft Outlook for the first time in two months,
I decided to make a few calls.  One of the first calls I made was to a
well-placed engineer at one of the three-letter networks.  Of course, the
only purpose of the call was to increase my perceived self-importance.


The last time we talked, I found out that he wasn't attending NAB and that
he had stopped reading OpenDTV.  Today, he told me in our short conversation
that he would buy an Edsel.  And, he asked if I really had that much free
time.  (Refer to the first paragraph.)


Then, I thought.  Where in the hell would he park it in Hell's Kitchen?
He'd have to use half a year's salary to just buy a condo parking space.  Do
those things get miles per gallon or gallons per mile?


A Boxster, with or without Tipitronic and a house in the suburbs would be


This particular fellow has posted to this list once - maybe twice - in the 9
years and two weeks that I've been here.


By the way, I'm planning on attending the Broadcasting & Cable /
Multichannel News 8th annual HD Summit in the middle of next week.  I wonder
how many OpenDTV lurkers I'll see there .


John Willkie jwillkie@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

www.EtherGuideSystems.com <http://www.etherguidesystems.com/>  


P.S.  Something must be happening.  I had a new record for web-site visitors
yesterday, and it looks like today's total will top that.  


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