[opendtv] Sony debuts first OLED television in U.S.

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I was starting to wonder if this would ever happen.



January 15, 2008

Sony debuts first OLED television in U.S.

By Dennis P. Barker

Sony has announced the availability of the industry's first Organic
Light Emitting Diode (OLED) television in the United States. It was
officially unveiled at the 2008 CES last week, which was held in Las
Vegas, NV.

The 11-inch (measured diagonally) XEL-1 model is just about 3
millimeters thin and offers picture quality with extremely high
contrast, outstanding brightness, exceptional color reproduction, and a
rapid response time.

According to Randy Waynick, senior vice president of Sony Electronics'
Home Products Division, "The launch of an OLED TV is one of the most
important industry landmarks. Not only does the technology change the
form factor of television, it delivers flawless picture quality that
will soon become the standard against which all TVs are measured."

Under development for more than 10 years, Waynick said OLED displays not
only offer a striking form factor, they deliver "unmatched performance"
in key picture quality categories. With its light-emitting structure,
OLED displays can prevent light emission when reproducing shades of
black, resulting in very deep blacks and a contrast ratio of over
1,000,000:1. The lack of a backlight allows the device to control all
phases of light emission from zero to peak brightness. The innovative
technology delivers exceptional color expression and detail without
wasting power, so it is an exceptional energy-saver.

The OLED display panel uses extremely low power levels since the
light-emitting structure of the panel eliminates the need for a separate
light source. As a result, OLED panels can be up to 40 percent more
efficient per panel inch compared with a conventional 20-inch LCD panel.
Additionally, since OLED displays create their own light, any mercury
associated with traditional backlighting is eliminated.

Sony's unique "Super Top Emission" technology features a wide aperture
ratio producing high brightness and efficiency allowing the TV to
deliver an accurate picture. The device's proprietary color filter and
micro cavity structure allow it to reproduce natural colors -- even in
darker scenes -- and more faithfully recreate the colors that were
originally intended.

Since OLED technology can spontaneously turn the light emitted from the
organic materials layer on and off when an electric current is applied,
it features rapid response times for smooth, natural reproduction of
fast-moving content like sports and action scenes in movies.

Sony's new OLED TV features the latest connectivity options, including
two HDMI inputs and a Memory Stick slot for viewing high-resolution
photos. The inaugural model is also DMeX compatible so consumers can add
BRAVIA Internet Video Link service (as well as other modules under
development). Using a broadband connection, the module streams select
Internet video for no charge from content providers directly to the
television without a computer. Current BRAVIA Internet Video Link
content partners include CBS and FEARnet.com -- which were announced
today -- Yahoo!, AOL, Crackle, CondNet, Sports Illustrated, blip.tv, and
Sony Pictures.

The XEL-1 OLED TV is now available for about $2,500. Initially, it will
be in limited supply at Sony Style retail stores nationwide.

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