[opendtv] Re: Sony To Take Viacom Over-The-Top | Multichannel

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  • Date: Wed, 24 Sep 2014 23:11:52 +0000

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> They would not have much competitive advantage offering a subset of
> the bundle.

Spoken like a true MVPD mouthpiece!! :)

You don't compete by offering, and charging for, more than the customer wants. 
Some customers simply walk away. Aren't NFL games available unbundled to 
Verizon wireless customers? You have a big advantage if you can target people 
who would otherwise steer clear of the bundle.

> Netflix offered a different technology - content on demand.

Not really. HBO movies could be recorded and watched anytime too, for eons. The 
MVPDs loved to rent out their proprietary PVRs, just for this sort of thing. 
And yet Netflix stole a whole lot of customers from HBO, because what they 
offered was "close enough" to what the customer actually wanted. Even without 
any original content.

> The broadcast networks "expanded" into news magazines and reality
> programs.
> Did they do this to remain competitive?

OF COURSE! They offered lower cost material that people actually wanted to 
watch. What a deal! And yes, initially, it was also innovative and unique, and 
the first "Survivors" and talent shows got lots of followers (and media hype). 
Then many got in that game. Same as always happens.

> The Netflix DVD service competed with Blockbuster, not HBO.

Come now. You're making this up. Even the DVD service competed with HBO, and 
certainly the streaming service did. All you have to do is **ask people** who 
dropped HBO, or at the very least, SUBSTANTIATE YOUR CLAIMS.


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