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OMVC Applauds Adoption of ATSC Mobile DTV
Candidate Standard


ATSC Candidate Standard Green Lights Mobile DTV Deployment of Services



Washington, D.C. - December 1, 2008 - The Open Mobile Video Coalition
(OMVC), an alliance of broadcasters whose mission is to accelerate the
development of mobile digital television in the United States, today
congratulated the Advanced Television Systems Committee (ATSC), for approval
of the Mobile DTV specification as a Candidate Standard. The Mobile
Candidate DTV Standard allows broadcasters to extend digital
broadcast-quality TV to consumers on the go, providing them access to more
high quality programming choices, including live, local and national
content, by way of mobile and handheld devices.


"The OMVC is thrilled to have advanced through a critical phase in our
fast-moving progress toward launching full mainstream mobile DTV in 2009.
This crucial vote will allow OMVC members to continue their service
development with added direction and focus," said Anne Schelle, OMVC
Executive Director. "We would also like to applaud the ATSC Technology &
Standards Group (TSG) for meeting an aggressive standard-setting timeline."


The Mobile DTV Candidate Standard has been designed to meet broadcaster
requirements and meet the objective of launching viable, consumer-facing
mobile DTV services in 2009. The technology uses existing broadcast spectrum
allowing a mobile stream to be broadcast within a station's digital channel
without interfering with existing multicast and standard-definition or
high-definition program services. In addition to being able to provide a
simulcast broadcast of programming, the standard's flexible system
architecture supports a variety of business models offering limitless
convenience opportunities based on interactivity potential, like
location-based services, advertising and sell-through transactions, and
advanced features such as Push on Demand, Digital Video Recorder,
Pay-Per-View, programming guide and extensible storage. Relatively
inexpensive transmission facility improvements will allow broadcasters to
extend its programming reach to a vast audience of new viewers -- anywhere,
anytime, at any speed!


For electronics manufacturers and automakers, the Mobile DTV Candidate
Standard serves as a baseline draft of an end-to-end system specification,
and its Candidate Standard status signals that the time for device
development is now. The OMVC anticipates that consumer electronics industry
players will find a wealth of opportunities for new devices and applications
in today's mobile consumer lifestyle.


The robust and flexible ATSC Mobile DTV Candidate Standard supports
over-the-air delivery of real-time and non-real-time digital broadcast
content and data services to next-generation devices, such as cell phones,
laptop computers, handheld PDAs, portable media players and gaming devices,
plus a variety of automotive opportunities, ranging from factory-installed
in-vehicle entertainment systems to dealer-installed and aftermarket
entertainment systems and GPS systems enriched with local broadcast receiver
capabilities. The OMVC has plans for extensive interoperability testing and
trials in various markets nationwide in the months to come.


The Open Mobile Video Coalition is a voluntary association of television
broadcasters whose mission is to accelerate the development of mobile
digital video in the United States. The OMVC is composed of twenty members
that own and operate over 450 commercial television stations, as well as the
Association of Public Television Stations, which represents an additional
360 public television stations. Membership in the OMVC is open to all
U.S.-based television broadcasters. Members are committed to fostering open
competition in the development of products and services related to
television. For more information, please visit  <http://www.omvc./>





Anne Schelle, OMVC, anne.schelle@xxxxxxxx, (443) 857-0200

Nancy Zakhary or Michele Clarke, Brainerd Communicators, nancy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
<mailto:nancy@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>  or  <mailto:clarke@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
clarke@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, (212) 986-6667



Belo Corp. (NYSE: BLC)

Capitol Broadcasting Company, Inc.

Cox Television

Dispatch Broadcast Group

Fisher Communications, Inc. (Nasdaq: FSCI)

FOX Television Stations (NYSE: NWS)

Freedom Broadcasting, Inc.

Gannett Broadcasting (NYSE: GCI)

Gray Television Inc. (NYSE: GTN)

Hearst Argyle Television, Inc.

ION Media Networks, Inc.


Media General Inc. (NYSE: MEG)

Meredith Corp. (NYSE: MDP)

Morgan Murphy Media

NBC Universal -- NBC Station Group and Telemundo -- (NYSE: GE)

Post-Newsweek Stations (NYSE: WPO)

Raycom Media

Schurz Communications, Inc.

Scripps Television Station Group 

Sinclair Broadcast Group Inc. (Nasdaq: SBGI)

Sunbeam Television Corp.



Association of Public Television Stations

Association for Maximum Service Television

National Association of Broadcasters


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