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Bob wrote:
>Well I did read the comments.
>The simple reality is that OZ is seeing rapidly rising sales for a
>plethora of receivers that are not mandated and they have 50 times as
>many households USING DTV percentage wise compared to the US.

Hmmmm. What is the %age of cable and satellite reception availability
for Australians compared to the US?

OZ has a lower cable and satellite penetration but the Netherlands has
a higher penetration than the US. Want to watch the Netherlands
instead? Same story different country.

And the Netherlands is the first country to go pure digital. Did so
last December. Sales of OTA receivers up 44%. And this is an even
smaller country than OZ, 16 million people and more than 100% of
households have cable and/or satellite.

The Netherlands will destroy the argument that high penetration of
cable and satellite preclude a rebirth of OTA.

That is if Japan didn't already do it. Japan has 18 million OTA
receivers sold and their cable and satellite penetration is 25 million
cable households and 19 million satellite households out of 47 million
homes or 93%. Higher than the US if you believe 85% or even 90%. I
don't believe 95%, I think it is higher but will accept 85% for this

If every receiver accounts for a household then Japan is at 38%
penetration of FREE OTA HDTV. And all those receivers were bought
FREELY by FREE Japanese citizens to watch FREE HDTV OTA. Of course
some Japanese homes have more than one receiver so the percentage is
something lower than 38%. How about 35%?

Compare to 1/2 of ONE percent who have and use OTA in the US IMO.

Full coverage as to broadcast in the US and every newly purchased TV
having a mandated receiver in it does not translate to anything in
comparison. Except a stagnant OTA DTV transition that is going to go
into transition hell in 2009.


How about Germany?


"7 million DTT receivers operating
Over 7 million DTT receivers have been sold in Germany according to
the DVB-T taskforce. This brings the percentage of German terrestrial
households viewing DTT to 60%. By the end of December the DTT coverage
was 75% of the population.
DTT launches planned for 2007 will include: Lüneburger Heide, Münster,
Südwestfalen, Sachsen, Sachsen -Anhalt, Thüringen, Saarland,
Baden-Württemberg and Rheinland-Pfalz."

If 60% of German households have OTA DTV and only 75% of the country
is covered then 80% of the households in the coverage area have DTV
OTA receivers.

What percentage of German households have cable or satellite? 89% or
4% more than the US supposedly has.


Germany 80% OTA DTV, 89% cable and satellite penetration
Japan 35% OTA DTV, 93% cable and satellite penetration
OZ 25% OTA DTV, 25% cable and satellite penetration
Netherlands 6.6% OTA DTV (subscription service), 100% plus cable and
satellite penetration

US .5% OTA DTV AFTER NINE YEARS, 85% cable and satellite penetration

So the argument that a countries cable and satellite penetration will
slow OTA sales is bogus. May do it some but it is diminimus.

Its the modulation stupid!!

Bob Miller

PS One assumption made. If you buy a receiver you plan on using it. If
you are mandated a receiver you may use it if you even know you have
it, or on the other hand 99% may not use it even if they know they
have it.

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