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  • Date: Wed, 14 Mar 2007 17:47:04 -0400

Bob Miller wrote:

> As far as I know it is allowed here. If a broadcaster
> broadcast one SD program for free they can use the rest
> of the channel for a subscription service that could
> include porn.

Except that in the Netherlands, it's *free*:

Jeroen Stessen wrote:

> Now, digital terrestrial TV could in principle offer
> a package that can compete with (analog) cable, i.e.
> some 30 programs. They will even throw in one porn
> channel for free,

Something as simple as that, even without the 30 multicasts, would get
people excited about buying an STB. Anything that the masses might be
interested in, especially if free, and that would be available over DTT
only, or free over DTT only. (I know, Mark Aitken objects.)

I'm really curious to see what will come of Dutch DTT, given that what
is offered FTA seems very marginal. So far, it seems that any pay
content over DTT has to be small or none, compared with what is
available free, for the system to succeed.

And also, the fact that Dutch DTT is more like a dumbed down cable
system, cheaper than cable but with fewer channels, makes me wonder why
it would be any more successful that USDTV. One reason might be that the
cable system there doesn't carry many more channels than the DTT

(Yeah, yeah, you'll tell me that COFDM makes the difference.)

By the way, RCA (Thomson) appears to be the first with a press release
about a new STB they will now make available for the coupon program.
They got this out the same day as the NTIA announcement:


It doesn't say much, though. Thomson was one of the companies selected
by the NAB.

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