[opendtv] Silicon Image rolls HDMI transmitters for PCs

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There you go. Now a laptop with tiny USB TV receiver can easily become
the DTV PVR/STB for a home theater system, even if the broadcast flag is


Silicon Image rolls HDMI transmitters for PCs

Dylan McGrath
(10/23/2006 7:00 AM EDT)
URL: http://www.eetimes.com/showArticle.jhtml?articleID=193401196

SAN FRANCISCO - Semiconductor vendor Silicon Image Inc. Monday (Oct. 23)
rolled out a pair of VastLane High Definition Multimedia Interface
(HDMI) transmitters said to provide a single-chip solution for enabling
PC manufacturers to drive digital output to PC monitors and
high-definition (HD) TVs.

According to Silicon Image, the VastLane SiI1392-3 and VastLane
SiI1932-3 offer performance of up to 340 megahertz, more than double to
speed of the company's first-generation VastLane HDMI transmitters. The
products are said to be capable of driving any of the biggest,
highest-resolution PC monitors on the market with a single-link
solution, including Apple Computer Inc.'s 30-inch Cinema Display.

According to Brad Garofalo, product marketing manager for PC products at
Silicon Image (Sunnyvale, Calif.), VastLane SiI1392-3 and SiI1932-3 are
available at the same price point as their predecessors, but include
advancements like hardwiring functionality that typically requires a
separate discrete microcontroller and discrete transmitters directly
into the devices' firmware, making them easier and less costly to

"These products allow a board designer or mother board designer to place
HDMI into their product at a very low price point," Garofalo said.

HDMI is backward compatible with Digital Visual Interface (DVI),
enabling VastLane SiI1392-3 and SiI1932-3 to tap into the large
installed base of PC monitors with DVI inputs. According to market
research firm In-Stat, this year the estimated installed base of PC
monitors with DVI inputs will reach 106 million while the estimated
installed base of HDTVs with HDMI inputs will reach 44 million.

"If you can drive a 30-inch Apple Cinema Display at 10-bit, that's got
to be the bleeding edge for years to come," Garofalo said.

PCs with HDMI connectors allow consumers to transmit the high-quality
premium digital audio and video content, such as high-definition movies
from HD DVD or Blu-ray Disc drives and HDTV tuners, to HDTVs and other

Garofalo said he was told by one PC manufacturer customer earlier this
year that an HDMI interface was not long ago considered to be a high-end
feature, but that it's now become a "check off" item.

The VastLane SiI1392-3 and SiI1932-3 are packaged as 64-pin lead-free
quad flat packs and are currently available for sampling. Specific
pricing information was not disclosed.

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