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  • Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 17:36:27 -0400

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> What Bob said.
> DTV in the U.S. is a NON STARTER without portability
> and rock solid plug & play for the masses.

What Bob reported, in his original check of this new
LG clone receiver on 3 May 2005, when he tested it
at his apartment, appeared to be guarded optimism. He
could receive 7 DTV stations indoors.

Let me refresh everyone's memory on this:

-----Quote from Bob's original message---------
Well I put this new LG 5th gen based prototype to
the test in my apartment today. They have been working
with LG to get it to work like the LG prototype from
last summer. I received it one hour after a phone call
telling me it was coming. They seem to be real up on
this one.

Received seven physical channels with a dual bow tie
aimed at the Empire State Building 40 some blocks away.

2-1     56 at 100%
4-1     28 at 100%
5-1     44 at 91 - 100%
7-1     45 at 100%
9-1     38 at 97 - 100%
11-1   33 at 100%
41-1   40 at 100%

Should I receive any other channels?

The above are all rock solid similar to the first 5th
gen receiver. Starting to feel optimistic again.

After testing in Mark's apartment, the verdict was
gen 4+ equivalent, not as good as the original LG

Now, trying to stay half-way professionally objective
as hard as I can, I would conclude from this first
quick test that the unit is at least adequate for
some, if not most, consumers. Certainly more so than
previous offerings. Certainly it would be adequate
for Bob himself, in his own high multipath urban
setting, with only indoor antenna.

In the following days after the test in the Schubin
apartment, this same unit went from being quite good
to "8-VSB still doesn't work."

Excuse me, but I just don't understand what the
motivation is for this constant negativism. It's
silly and unprofessional.

Portable reception, with the results Bob and Mark
showed, should certainly not be ruled out for this
clone. You can lug around a loop antenna to the
ball park, and you'll be outdoors besides.

Mobility was not tested. But you will note, in the
RAI trials in Torino (if you look them up in the
DVB site), that mobility was also not good with
64-QAM COFDM in those trials (equivalent to 8-VSB).
Nor was indoor reception guaranteed. Granted, power
was 2KW, but distance was on the order of 2.7 miles
for the indoor test at 64-QAM, and no sky scrapers.

So things aren't black and white. I can't fathom
why the incessant attitude on here.

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