[opendtv] Re: Short answer to Bert

  • From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 17 May 2005 21:30:04 -0400

Tom Barry wrote:

>Bob Miller wrote:
> > Even with the LG 5th gen receiver that works minimally the long term 
> > viability of OTA is in doubt with 8-VSB IMO. Mobile and true 
>portable has to be part of the toolkit if OTA will compete with all its fixed 
>and mobile competitors.
>You are gradually convincing me.  When I first joined this list I considered 
>mobile video to be uninteresting and unneeded.  But now 
>that it is shown to be economically feasible somehow I like it a lot more.  
>(don't need it more, just like it)
>Of course in the USA mobile video will have to be done by someone other than 
>the broadcasters and it will be like pulling teeth 
>every step of the way, as you seem to continually be finding out.
>But eventually someone may stand up in the NAB and say they really   would 
>like to do mobile and not be soundly thrashed.  Or some 
>few may renounce their broadcastership and announce an intention to do 
>something else.
>If all else fails I guess eventually mobile non-broadcasters will be able to 
>pick up broadcaster skeletons at fire sale prices some 
>day in the future.  Say when some of the networks announce they will make 
>their content available to mobile as contracts come up 
>for renewal.
>- Tom
Deadwood on HBO saw the arrival of the telegraph a few episodes back. 
Swearengen makes the comment to the affect that this is something that 
is not needed. A few episodes later the telegraph is an integral part of 
his power structure. He needs it real bad. Not to have it and he is 

I don't need mobile TV and definitely not on a cell phone but I am sure 
I will watch TV on a cell phone soon.

Bob Miller
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