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  • Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2006 14:28:02 -0400

At 12:46 PM -0400 10/3/06, Manfredi, Albert E wrote:

On a somewhat related note, I was wondering last night, why don't some
of the OTA broadcasters dedicate a multicast to something local and
unique. For example, minor league games and high school games. I think
that would be something lots of people would watch, it would not require
any sort of network coverage, and my bet is that the local cable
franchise would lap it up without being begged to. And if they don't, it
would draw people to DTT.

There are a few issues here that have been getting in the way. The biggest issue is the potential impact on gate receipts at the games. Tickets are typically hard to get for pro and major college games, but minor league and HS sports is another matter. I spoke with some low power stations that were trying to cover HS sports. They were only allowed to offer the games on a delayed basis. On the upside, these delayed broadcasts were very popular with small businesses around the schools.

I think there is tremendous potential for coverage of these events. Remember the days when only a hand full of college games were covered? Now virtually every game is televised in some form (often delayed). The High schools have most fo the equipment and plenty of free labor to produce the broadcasts; if they could get some revenue from these broadcasts they might be able to invest it in even better equipment or other programs at the schools.

Of course, the logical outcome is that Internet streaming technologies would be used to deliver the content to the point of distribution. It's not much of a stretch to turn this stuff into IP multicasts...


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