[opendtv] Re: Scripps Spins Off TV Sector

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Obviously, if the networks come back with compelling content, they'll win 
back the audience.  But their momentum has been greatly diminished. 
Perhaps this is a time they can re-define themselves and come back with 
some winning programming.  I'm not holding my breath.


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[opendtv] Re: Scripps Spins Off TV Sector

At 10:06 AM -0700 7/2/08, John Willkie wrote:
>It is probably also important to point out that it "seems" that tv's 
>problems are directly related to the writer's strike.  Let's hope 
>the pattern isn't repeated with the SAG situation.
>Prime time revenues and audiences were down about 20% this year. 
>Other than that, tv has appeared to be holding its own.
>John Willkie


There have been a few years since the '80s where Broadcast Network 
ratings were flat, or even up slightly, but the trend line is 
painfully clear:


Network ratings were down nearly 20% at the start of the last TV 
season, BEFORE the writers strike.

We will see what happens this year. Ad revenues should be strong 
thanks to the Olympics and the election. But I do not expect the 
network audience to return to pre strike levels. The strike forced 
viewers to explore new options - many will not be back.

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