[opendtv] Sarnoff scaler?

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I must not be getting a lot today. Not only don't I get
sarcasm that's supposed to be humor, I also don't get what
this Sarnoff intellectual property is, other than a video
scaler? Why is this news? I assume existing scalers must
incorporate the same set of components?

(At first, I thought the title meant they were doing HDTV
over the Internet.)


Sarnoff unveils IP solution for HDTV
By Spencer Chin , EE Times
July 08, 2004 (5:25 PM EDT)
URL: http://www.eet.com/article/showArticle.jhtml?articleId=3D22104413

MANHASSET, N.Y. - Sarnoff Corp. has introduced silicon IP
aimed at helping TV makers meet a federal requirement that
half of all TV sets 36 inches or larger and sold after
July 1 must include digital TV capabilities.

Sarnoff's silicon IP is an integrated audio and video system
processor designed to decode and display standard digital TV
signals at any resolution that the television set can
accommodate, up to and including HDTV.

The digital decoding and display system can decode all 36 input
formats specified by the Advanced Television Systems Committee
(ATSC) standard. Any input format can be displayed at HDTV
resolution (1080i and 720p) or at standard resolution (480p and

"Eventually this system will [also] go into 13-inch TVs," said
Mike Patti, technical director of the Integrated Circuit Systems
Group for Sarnoff (Princeton, N.J.). Patti added that the
Federal Communications Commission will require TV sets as small
as 13 inches to receive digital signals by July 1, 2007, even if
they don't have high-definition displays.

"When you look at a digital picture, the difference is obvious
compared to an analog TV," Patti said. He expects the IP solution
to generate interest not only from makers of new TVs but also
low-cost set-top converter boxes as consumers seek to extend the
life of older TV sets.

The display processor can also scale pictures for zoom-in or -out

The system includes a transport parser, a 24-bit audio decoder, a
32-bit DDR SDRAM controller, a display processor, an on-screen
display, a deinterlacer and a digital video encoder. The 24-bit
audio decoder subsystem is a DSP solution to decode the Dolby
Digital (AC-3) 5.1-channel surround sound often broadcast as part
of a digital TV signal.

Sarnoff's digital TV IP is available for immediate delivery. The
deliverables include Verilog source code and test benches,
firmware, extensive documentation and engineering support. The
IP can be customized to add additional features for specific

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