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  • Date: Sun, 19 Nov 2006 00:44:09 -0500

There are 24.4 million homes in the UK and 6.5 million are DTT only
which is 26.6% of the total which corresponds to the statement below
that "The report found that 26% of UK households have now bought
digital terrestrial television receivers"

Which is misleading since secondary sets in all households, satellite,
cable and OTA households, also saw sales of "over 5 million" at the
end of June. So the total is around 12 million with 3rd and 4th
quarter sales of over 4 million the total at the end of this year
should be around 16 million.

So how many of the UK's homes have DTT receivers in them? Something
far more than 6.5 million and something less than 16 million at the
end of this year accounting for homes that have more than one.

I think more than 60% of UK homes have a DTT receiver. That would make
the UK twice any other country as to OTA DTV receivers.

Bob Miller

On 11/18/06, Bob Miller <robmxa@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
When it comes right down to it the market tells the truth.

Take a look at this chart. It looks like it is going vertical.


"Putting these figures together based on the cumulative sales figures
reported to September 2006, the estimated home take-up or penetration
of free to view digital television has reached a mark of 1.8 million
or around 23% of Australia's 7.6 million homes."

These were all purchased knowingly by a public that is informed and
there is no mandate or multicasting. And this is before you count any
computer cards, USB devices or PCMCIA cards. No special new OTA free
content. Just HD and SD and the freedom to choose.

And I have been talking that OZ was the worst COFDM country and the
Australians are talking of their failing OTA DTV transition.

The UK.


"The report found that 26% of UK households have now bought digital
terrestrial television receivers (Freeview), more than twice as many
as in any other country."

Which is wrong according to the top article that says OZ has 23% which
is far more than half of 26%.


5 million receivers of all kinds including sticks and they have 16.5
million households so they could have 30.3% penetration


16 million receivers sold all HD AFAIK in last three years. 48 million
households equals a 33.3% penetration. No mandate.


4 million receivers sold in last two years, half with subsidy. 19
million households (gestimate) 19% penetration.


10% of population have access to OTA DTV after a year or so.


33% penetration with OTA DTV receivers.

All of these countries have been at this for a much shorter amount of
time than the US. Yes the UK started in 1998 but they basically had to
start over with a new free model at the end of 2002.

Where are the numbers of those who use DTV OTA in the US?

Hard to compare this when you don't have numbers and you do have a
mandate that requires the purchase of such OTA receivers by a public
that is NOT informed and in most cases doesn't even know what they are
buying and will never use them.

Bob Miller

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