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John Willkie wrote:
Before, renewals under the law, was a hit or miss (admittedly,
very few stations have ever had their renewal application denied.)

Renewal expectancy makes it harder to deny a renewal.  The content offered
by this "umbilical" could change, though.

Have FCC license renewal requirements changed since 1986? Before that time, FCC licenses were issued based on what the station committed to do "in the interest, convenience and necessity" of the public, major tenets of the Communications Act of 1934.

Having worked for a TV station in the 60s that got it's initial license by making a huge public service commitment to the community the mainstay of it's license request, I experienced what that commitment meant.

The day and night production crews stayed busy all the time producing and recording those public affairs programs.

Apparently that sort of requirement doesn't bring enough money into the FCC coffers these days.

What does 'renewal expectancy' mean?

I spent just 5 minutes Googling the term and my immediate impression is that it seems to apply to licensees who have got their spectrum by bidding on it and winning it at $ubstantial co$t. The types of licenses mentioned were for cellular companies, MVPDs, and data distributors.

Free, over the air broadcast licenses were not mentioned directly in what I read, but perhaps, TV becoming digital can be interpreted as data distribution.

My immediate impression of 'renewal expectancy' is that since the license holder was the highest bidder, he will have to ante up much more money to the commission in the future to keep it. Apparently, service to the community is no longer an important part of license renewal, just how much money the FCC can grab from it's "customers".
i.e., the more they pay, the greater their 'renewal expectancy'.

As I recently said, now, it's just about the money.

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