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Here's a database of channel allotments:


Channel 4 will only have two digital stations post transition, but
channel 6 will have eight.


John Willkie wrote:

I remember saying that once, and being corrected by Ron E, who pointed out the figure was closer to 6 or so. One of those stations, I think, is KYES-DT, my customer's station. He's moving from 5 to 6 (indeed, is now transcoding his 6 to 22 for the time being) and has no NCE-FM issues to speak of.

John Willkie


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There are only one or two stations in the entire country that will use channel 6 as their final resting place for ATSC post transition.

Six was available in our market, but our consultant very strongly recommended against it because of interference with and to the bottom of the FM band.

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    The problem with CH A6 is that they will ultimately return from
    D64 to D6 at the
    end of the transition in ??several years.
    Right now I can only get a very bad analog CH6 with a deep fringe
    antenna 37 miles from their tower.

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