• From: Bob Miller <bob@xxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 21 Oct 2004 01:07:24 -0400

Dewey Weaver wrote:

>Bob - you may be right about the type of jet and I also have no doubt th=
at 4 months in harms way is an eternity but you've lost me otherwise.  Ar=
e you implying something along the lines of " Daddy - use your influence =
and get me a cush job flying missle equipped fighter jets so that I won't=
 get killed defending the country"? I don't buy in to the rest of your ar=
gument and only have John Kerry's words and actions to make my own judgem=
ent. Throwing another veterans ribbons over the fence, claiming "I gave b=
ack my medals" then showing off  his own medals in his Senate office for =
the next 20 years tells us just who this man is. John Kerry made Vietnam =
a centerpiece issue in this election by playing both sides of the fence. =
That doesn't work in sports, religion, politics, Nascar or championship w=
rasslin.   He should agree to release the rest of his military records. I=
 look forward to getting more of that picture painted in the coming weeks=
=2E =20
>How do you feel about his wifes 12% tax rate on her $5m income?
> =20
You have a laundry list of items on Kerry that makes you think he is=20
unfit. The larger than life actions he took that put his life and=20
political future on the line while changing from pro-war to anti-war on=20
the main issue of the day in his youth convince me that your laundry=20
list is bogus. His wife's income tax rate has got to be the bottom of=20
the barrel as far as issues BTW.

When Bush and Kerry were making decisions similar to the ones I had to=20
make and in the same time frame, Kerry made ones that I wish I had had=20
the courage or wisdom to make. Bush made decisions that I would have=20
been and still would be ashamed of. At the time getting into the=20
National Guard was something that only connected people could do. That=20
is how I remember it. Maybe some people got into the Guard because they=20
just signed up and there was "one more slot" as Bush says. I don't=20
believe him. I am convinced he knows better and is flat out lieing.

There were no slots. There was only long list of guys who had signed up=20
long before Bush and who he simply cut in front of because of his=20

This ongoing lie (IMO) by a man who says he prays everyday and has a=20
conversation with God to decide how to run our country. I want nothing=20
to do with such hypocrisy .

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