[opendtv] Reviews of Samsung DTB-H260F ATSC STB

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  • Date: Wed, 13 Dec 2006 16:56:54 -0500

Customer reviews of the brand new 5th gen Samsung DTB-H260F STB have
started coming in at the Circuit City web site. This STB is also carried
by Best Buy.

All seemed good, in the sense of "it just works." One of the reviews
compared it with LG's previous STB, maybe the 3410(?), which was a 3rd
gen product, and this reviewer said the Samsung is much better at
obtaining reception:

"purchased an LG HD TV Tuner a few years ago but it barely worked and
could hardly hold a signal even with a power antenna outside. I just
bought this unit last night, plugged it in, hooked it up to an aerial
antenna on my roof and I picked up 10 digitawhat you want to watch."

Also nice comments about the good GUI, which one commenter compare
favorably to TiVo(!).

Maybe I should buy one to A/B against the Digital Stream, especially
upstairs with indoor antenna. That's probably where it would do most

To remind everyone, this unit uses the ATI Xilleon 240 combo 8-VSB demod
and MPEG-2 decoder. It does not use the Samsung Gemini decoder. So, as
far as I'm concerned, things are looking up.

(URLs are too long, but easy to navigate to these comments at

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