[opendtv] Recordings Match the Show, With a Key Drawback

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Recordings Match the Show, With a Key Drawback

By Daniel Greenberg
Special to The Washington Post
Sunday, August 29, 2004; Page F07

The early adopters of high-definition TV soon discovered that their 
year-2000 hardware had a year-1980 shortcoming -- they had no way to 
record a show for later viewing without resorting to a VCR, losing 
all the high quality of high definition in the process. That would 
have been like driving a new Porsche only in first gear.

Otherwise, just as in TV's Paleolithic era, if HDTV viewers weren't 
in front of their costly screens when the show aired, they missed it.

Now, though, high-definition recording is here, even if it's still in 
its infancy. Between the TiVo-like digital video recorders sold by 
cable- and satellite-television services and D-VHS high-definition 
VCRs, you can make digital recordings that look and sound as dazzling 
as their live broadcasts.

The digital video recorders -- we tried models offered by Comcast, 
DirecTV and Dish Network -- have the advantage of including their own 
cable or satellite tuners, greatly simplifying setup and operation.



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