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At 9:51 PM +0200 4/30/05, Donald Koeleman wrote:

H.264 playback on the pc

Craig wrote:

By the way, I spoke with a friend at Microsoft who indicated that
they will support H.264 play only in a future Windows Media release.
My guess is that this will NOT extend up through the HD level, but
rather will be focused on lower resolution/bitrate applications.

There already is a third-party plugin available for wmp. I tried installing
the demo version (5 minutes play max. per session) on the dell, and it
failed to install. http://www.fastvdo.com/264codec/fastvdo_264wmpp_v10.cab.
It also fails on my pc, error 1722 some problem with the installer package.

Our integration of real-time High Profile decoder right in Windows Media
player puts to rest the question of wide availability of HD to the home,"
said Dr. Pankaj Topiwala, CEO of FastVDO. "We can now all enjoy the full
quality of Digital HD multimedia content, bundled in the world's most
advanced video technology." Other integrations such as for QuickTime and
Premiere are coming soon, as are 10-12 bit versions.

http://www.fastvdo.com/H.264.html product info, and demo video files.


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