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  • From: "Kon Wilms" <kon@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 10 Nov 2004 18:02:28 -0500

> At 1:15 PM -0500 11/10/04, Kon Wilms wrote:
> >Didn't we learn anything from the 'provide the pipe and people will
> >come' model of Astro...Cyberstar...Geocast...iBlast...etc? Every few
> >years we repeat ourselves. The only thing that changes is the
> I disagree. This is a natural extension of what is already happening 
> with 3G networks and the increasing use of mobile data services. The 
> media has focused on the notion that the killer app is going to be 
> delivering video to mobile phones. But this system does far more than 
> any of the failed businesses that Kon listed above.
> - It combines a two-way transactional network with a one-way broadcast

? So did half of those systems. Moot point.

> - It has a secure conditional access system and the ability to handle 
> transactions to pay for the bits that are delivered.

? So did half of those systems. Moot point. Or do you mean this is a
first for micropayment CA? It isn't.
> - It has local caching in CDMA phones, AND the ability to turn PDAs 
> and Notebook PCs into receivers via the addition of a receiver 
> module. The MediaFlo overview makes it clear that they are targeting 
> subscription services that will be delivered to cache during off-peak 
> hours. These services will provide additional revenue streams to 
> existing content franchises. You can bet on the fact that the major 
> sports leagues are going to develop services that will deliver their 
> content to this mobile audience - these content owners already 
> support a variety of data services via 3G networks.

You're waving your hands and speaking in exactly the same way as those
'failed' businesses -- local caching, receiver modules, targeting,
off-peak hours, content franchises, sports. None of this is rocket
science. Its all been tried (I say tried since noone succeeded) before.
And consumers *dont care* about the technology. The only care about the
content. So whats the content going to be, and who will provide it, and
how will it be so killer for me as a consumer that I will pay a premium
for this service as well as the half-brick receiver needed to watch it? 

I'll put it like this - I am a gadget freak, I have tons of gadgets at
home, some useless and some useful. Convince me why I would be
interested in this product.

> Don't get hung up on the idea that this is a just a mobile cable TV

I won't, if you don't get hung up on the buzzwords :-)
> It is about delivering the bits people want when they are on the move.
And what bits might that be? What exactly can I do with a phone
*visually* while I am driving, for example? Nothing.

I'm sure this will forge ahead but like I put it before -- you need a. a
killer device and b. a killer service. Just having a killer network
doesn't buy you anything except a guarantee that you will have no viewers.

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