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  • Date: Thu, 27 Feb 2014 23:31:41 +0000

Craig Birkmaier wrote:

> By disconnected, I mean that one cannot easily move between the input
> sources for these smart TVs. A case in point.
> I have a brand new smart TV from LG. I almost never use the integrated
> smart TV features because they are all duplicated by my Apple TV, and
> they are not integrated with the other services.

Craig, you are simply explaining a badly designed product. Windows Media Center 
type of software, plus RF card, can integrate live streams with the rest of 
your PC experience. Besides, in my setup, at the push of the "input" button in 
the remote, I switch between PC input and ATSC input. Piece of cake. If I had 
an ATSC card in the PC, it would be even simpler - just use the mouse. Surely, 
TV manufacturers can do the same thing.

> Comcast is seeking to solve part of this problem by integrating their
> proprietary digital cable services (with hardware DRM), with their
> proprietary IP services; as a bonus they provide access to some OTT
> services.

What else is new, Craig? An MVPD trying to maintain their walled garden design, 
with an annoying proprietary interface box that makes any other clever devices 

> The MVPD subscription is where the big bucks are;

What did Nancy Reagan say, Craig? "Just say no." It applies perfectly to all 
cases of addiction.

> There are any companies with the ability to re-invent the User a
> Interface to The TV.  Intel tried, gave up, and sold to Verizon.

No, Craig. Intel tried to **to collude** with others, in order to set up a web 
site with content in it, and gave up. Guess what? If all you're after is to 
create a better UI, to integrate Internet content with live streams, there's no 
excuse to collude! The only time you need permissions from the congloms is if 
you want to host their content on your web site. But this UI business is a 
simple matter of software design. Stay away from proprietary MVPD STBs, and all 
becomes feasible.

The MVPDs should start by offering VOD as standard IP streams. Then they can 
move on to their live streams. And if they're ambitious, they can offer their 
stuff as a standard OTT site, for anyone from any other ISP to join up.


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