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At 1:04 AM -0500 12/19/08, John Shutt wrote:
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The iPhone (and iPod Touch) can be held vertically or horizontally, and has a tilt sensor built in so it can detect which way it's being held. It will then reorient the screen display accordingly.

See attached photo.

Thanks John!


It's more than a tilt sensor. It is an accelerometer that knows the exact orientation of the phone in 3D space - this is similar to the Wii Controller system.

I just got a great application called iHandy Carpenter. It turns the phone into a carpenters assistant (see attached photo):

A plumb bob
A surface level
A Bubble level that can be used to measure the angle of an inclined surface
A Protractor
And a scale

A great example of the kind of applications that are being developed for the iPhone. The accelerometer is also a major reason that the iPhone and iPod Touch are becomming the hot new mobile game platform.


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