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  • From: Craig Birkmaier <craig@xxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2008 10:15:36 -0500

At 11:34 AM -0800 12/21/08, John Willkie wrote:
You really work hard to twist these things, don't you?  In the average week,
more Americans watch local/broadcast network TV fare than do not.  Indeed,
the vast majority of folk watch over the course of a week.

This is not twisting anything John. Just a statement of fact.

Yes, most people watch a few hours of broadcast content each week. But the audience for broadcast content is shrinking and no longer represents even half of the total audience in Prime Time; outside of prime time it is even smaller.

You really need to examine the REAL world marketplace John and look at the trends, not the rear view mirror.

I'm wondering why the Florida legislature spends all that money and time
supporting Gator football.  After all, the VAST majority of Floridians never
watch on TV or attend the games.  Just think of the vast expanse of land and
expenses involved in building and keeping up a stadium that is effectively
used less than two dozen times a year.  And, that's in a good year.

The legislature does not spend a dime on Gator Football. As is the case with most major colleges, the Athletic Assciation is not only self supporting, but it helps fund academic operations of the university, especially via alumni donations to the University.



** In an era when the NCAA estimates that 70 percent of Division I schools are losing money on intercollegiate athletics, the Association has contributed more than $48.2 million since 1990 to help fund University of Florida academic endeavors. This includes a gift of $6 million during the fiscal year ended June 30, 2008 in support of the Florida Opportunity Scholarship program.

Please note that I am not a UF fan.

What exactly does football have to do with education anyway?  Enable
illiterate 'athletes' to graduate from a good school?  Seems orthogonal to
me.  I'm told that at least two members of the San Diego Chargers can't read
their own names.

I'll bet they can watch TV...


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