[opendtv] Re: Power on: Intel's cable TV box could debut at CES

  • From: "Albert Manfredi" <bert22306@xxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 31 Dec 2012 14:12:09 -0500

But this is still not right, IMO. I don't get what's so difficult about this.

Intel, much like Apple and similar to Google, is straying off course, and is likely to piss off the content owners. Why are these companies so intent on grabbing content for themselves? I just don't get it. They keep failing, precisely because they're butting in where they are not needed or wanted or appreciated.

Intel already has much of the control on my TV/audio system, but not because it walls off content at some new site, but because it is the processor in the PC I use as a STB. I can already replace the PVR with Microsoft's Windows Media Playe. Don't need Intel to reinvent that. I can already exploit any number of existing content OTT sites without waiting for Intel's or Apple's site. I could use the PC and Microsoft's clever GUI for live broadcast of OTA stations if I wanted to. Clearly the same could be done with cable or DBS, if those MVPDs allowed it.

Instead of trying to horn in on the action of completely different industries, such as OTT sites or the MVPDs' content aggregation service, why doesn't Intel get busy selling, say, Atom or even x86 processors to all the CE companies, to embed in their TVs, PVRs, BluRay players, cable STBs, and what have you? That way, what I now do with the PC-STB could be done natively, by all manner of TV appliances. To give users much the same experience for TV as they see when they use their PCs, smartphones, or tablets, for everything else they do. Including remote access via WiFi and the Internet.

Why does the trade press assume that "success" means a hardware company becoming another for-subscription service? PCs, smartphones, and tablets, are not a raving success because Dell, Apple, or Samsung each walled off all of the Internet's content, providing it only via some new subscription service, right? They are a success because they leverage off the existing Internet, unwalled, and can use any of several search engines to explore this vast resource. So what exactly is it about TV that suddenly makes everyone stupid?

Put a decent processor and OS in TV appliances. Show the local TV stations, on a GUI, just like any other shortcut or "favorite" URL. Then if customers are utterly inept and clueless about finding TV content, give the Best Buy salesmen something to do, just setting up some useful "favorites" for their clients. End of story.


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