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> Via Shoptalk
> Mass-Media Meltdown
> John Podhoretz

Interesting the way he tied together all the media outlets.

Being almost-weekly moviegoers, we did notice the drop at
the movies. It's obvious, at least in non-stadium theaters.
I think that availability of better TVs in homes is one
reason, but there's another that isn't mentioned: idiotic,
ill mannered movie goers. People who feel it's okay to make
loud comments throughout a movie, or to answer calls on
their cell phones. Somehow, movie attendance etiquette
seems to have been forgotten.

The high prices for movie attendance don't help either. Of
course, prices can only go up if attendance goes down. So
it becomes a vicious cycle. If theater managers would wake
up and discipline the more obnoxious members of the
audience, that might help.

> Meanwhile, radio executives who program music stations -
> and who have been packing every hour with increasing
> numbers of commercials - are being forced by their
> impatient audiences to limit the number of ads and play
> more music.

Wow. Isn't that surprising. This is what I've called the
Laffer Curve of advertising. After a certain point, more
ads will reduce revenue rather than increase it. One
wonders why this isn't obvious to the experts who establish
the ad placement policy.

> TiVo and digital video recorders have finally made it
> easy for people to watch the TV programs they want to
> watch whenever they want to watch them.

This is a non-sequitur. Obviously, what TiVo is time
shifting *is* broadcast TV (either OTA or otherwise).
Perhaps the only problem here is in how viewership is
measured, then, and not as much that viewership is

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