[opendtv] Re: Opinion: Apple TV set - an enduring fantasy?

  • From: Craig Birkmaier <craig@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: opendtv@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 11 Dec 2012 09:03:52 -0500

At 7:49 PM -0600 12/10/12, Manfredi, Albert E wrote:
This article finally sort of came up with a "solution," although even that "solution" is over-trendified hype and ultimately silly.

Well, at least you admit that there is a problem, even if you do not choose to be part of it.

Look, I have access to more TV and movies than I can possibly consume, have never had an MVPD subscription, never had an MVPD STB, or an Apple product, I don't need any third party "apps," and for that matter, I don't normally use Google either.

We all have access to more content than we can consume. The real issue is what does it cost to access the content we WANT to consume.

In many cases, its just a question of priorities. My dad would never go to the theater, believing that the movie would eventually be broadcast on TV (this was well before the introduction of the VCR). My son goes to the theater at least once a week...he can't wait. And then he will give them even more money buying the Blu-Ray version of the movie...

Go figure.

Man oh man. I must be some kinda genius! Pity the great unwashed masses that have to wait for a prophet to deliver them glossy white boxes and "apps." !!

They are not waiting. They are paying through the nose for their TV and Movie fix.

You are a very special kind of "bottom feeder." You could afford the TV drugs, but choose to wait until content has reached the bottom of the food chain.


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