[opendtv] Re: One Percent of US households

  • From: "Manfredi, Albert E" <albert.e.manfredi@xxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2007 16:08:20 -0500

Bob Miller wrote:

> One Percent of US households receive HD via OTA DTV
> after ten years of trying.

Explain your derivation, Bob.

What I see is:

"While over three-quarters of HDTV owners believe that they are watching
HD programming, LRG estimates that about 53% of all HD households are
actually watching HD programming from a multi-channel video provider
(cable, DBS or a telco), and about 4% are watching HD programming via
broadcast-only - leaving about 20% of those with an HDTV erroneously
thinking that they are watching HD programming when they are not."

What I see is that more than half of cable/DBS subscribers are actually
receiving and viewing HDTV content (and that some unspecified fraction
of these are also receiving OTA HDTV), and that 4 percent of HDTV set
owners are receiving HDTV *exclusively* from OTA sources. Like me.

This goes to show that HDTV is hardly "niche," but it proves little

The $99 cheap-o SDTVs currently available on the market, for example,
would not show up in this survey. How many are using DTT with only SD
sets? How many have combined DBS and ATSC STBs? How many use DTT along
with cable?

Those 15 percent of households, and those estimated 73 million sets
overall, which will migrate from analog to DTV will be either upgrading
to HD sets or will be watching SD only. Or some might go to cable or
DBS. Then again, some cable or DBS might also migrate to DTT.

In short, I don't understand your point.

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