[opendtv] Once You Experience Wide-Screen HDTVs, Hassles Seem Small

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November 02, 2006
Once You Experience
Wide-Screen HDTVs,
Hassles Seem Small

By Walter S. Mossberg

As the holiday season begins, many people will be shopping for a 
big-screen, flat-panel, digital television set, especially those 
capable of receiving high-definition television, or HDTV. But what's 
it like to own and use an HDTV set? Are the benefits as good as 
advertised? What, if any, are the downsides?

To find out, my wife, Edie, and I lived for several weeks with a big, 
beautiful HDTV, the Pioneer Elite PRO-1140HD, lent to us by Pioneer 
Electronics. It has a 50-inch screen, a long list of features and 
lists for $5,000, though you can find it for under $4,000 on the Web.

I tested the Pioneer with digital cable service from Comcast, my 
local cable provider. This service transmits high-definition programs 
where available and can record them to a digital video recorder (DVR) 
built into its set-top box. Comcast also has an on-demand feature 
that allows you to watch certain programs whenever you like.



Choosing a High-Definiton TV
By Walter S. Mossberg
November 09, 2006

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