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AgileVision demonstrated seamless splicing, content insertion and logo
insertion all in the compressed domain years ago. We were premature, the
market was not ready at the time, so we focused on PBS and delivered a few
systems to some of the early public broadcasters of the PBS HDTV feed. We
reached the point in 2001 where the investors tired and we couldn't sustain
ourselves in a market that still wasn't quite ready. We started to shop the
company and at the beginning of 2002 I completed a transaction to sell it to
Leitch. Can't help but to look back and wish we had had some staying power!

Anthony R Gargano
856-227-1298 office
609-221-4899 cell

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I just talked with some people at Terayon, and they have demonstrated a few
examples where they can successfully "splice" and "insert"
HDTV advertising into a 19.39 Mb/s HDTV stream without an encode/decode
cycle -

their model BP-5100 box is being used by a few sports-related HDTV feeds,
and they are inserting local ads and channel branding, in real time, in the
compressed MPEG-2 HDTV stream

so I'm surprised that NBC isn't going with that approach -

Gerry Kauhold with In-Stat/MDR in Arizona gerryk@xxxxxxxxxxxxx

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