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Manfredi, Albert E wrote:

>An STB with the combination digital cable and ATSC is
>close to useless. Because cable systems provide their
>own STBs for this purpose.
>However, if built into integrated sets or recording
>devices, the combination makes infinitely more sense.
>It is what makes incorporation of ATSC front end into
>TV sets (and recording devices) palatable for anyone
>buying new equipment.
I believe what's being missed in this whole discussion is that within a 
year after completion of the Two-way Plug-and-Play agreement we can 
reasonably expect that most sets will be fully-OCAP compliant, thus 
creating for the first time a critical mass of consumers able to receive 
standardized application content on their television.  This will open up 
a world of additional services delivered through the television and 
create a whole new DTV ecosystem...


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