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Frank Eory wrote:

> Bert is fond of invoking Moore's Law to argue that
> in time, the cost differences due to silicon area
> between COFDM and 8-VSB will be in the noise.

Correct. I'll stick with my original $35 prediction
for built-in ATSC receivers by 2007. I was going to
hedge, and say that an extension of NTSC shutdown to
2009 might delay that. But perhaps such CYA behavior
is uncalled for, because the tuner mandate does not
change its schedule even if the shutoff date is
extended (that I know of).

> But Moore's Law doesn't apply to power dissipation.
> In fact, the power problem keeps getting worse as
> CMOS geometries continue to shrink. The desktop PC
> solution to this problem -- a massive heatsink & fan
> -- will never fly in the CE world.

And yet, Pentium 4s are also available in battery
powered lap tops.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but with shrinking CMOS
comes a mandatory reduction in voltage, to prevent
arching. Doesn't this result in power reduction
as well? The 18 um of today's ATSC receivers
might have seemed bleeding edge in 2000, but it's
very mature technology today, right? Not positive
about the LG receiver, but the Linx did use 18 um,
no different from the 2nd gen receivers.

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