[opendtv] Re: Nielsen stats on TV in US households

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OK, understood.



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Ben Webber wrote:

>> 28 percent of homes use digital cable, 23 percent get DBS and 
>> presumably also some DTT, so this says that at least
>> 51 percent of US households is now using DTV.
> Depends on your definition of DTV, apparently. CEA uses the term "DTV" 
> to refer to 480P at minimum, right?

Yes, the *CEA*, when talking about receivers. This is different.

This Nielsen report is not talking about the monitor or TV set per se.
This 51 percent refers to households that are actually using DTV
*signals* for their TV sets. The sets may even be an old analog CRTs, but
the signal is digital, in this statistic.

It says that even if the majority of cable users still use the analog tier,
when you add it all up, the majority of TV households in the US today get
their TV signals in digital format. I don't believe that holds anywhere


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